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As we have a large spectrum of topics related to CS:GO, every CS:GO Website can advertise perfectly on

If you want to advertise on our website, please contact us and we can discuss the price. Different advertising has different prices, we offer everything from cheap advertising to exclusive advertising with advertising banners and sliders.

For gambling sites, we offer special services like adding your site to our lists or placing your site on top of our list. We can offer you a DoFollow-Link on our list and we can offer individual banners and sliders, we can discuss everything and make almost everything possible for you to create the perfect advertising area for your website.

Why should I advertise on Because on our website you get the audience you want!
The number of unique visitors on our website is growing daily, we almost doubled the unique visitors last month. At the moment, we have around 170 to 290 unique visitors daily. And we’re still growing!


Our users are coming from search engines, most of them come from Google. Our users are interested in CS:GO, CS:GO Skins, CS:GO Gambling and they are interested in CS:GO related products and services. That’s why our website is perfect for advertising your trading site, your gambling site or any other CS:GO related site. We can offer you the perfect place to advertise, for example, if you want to advertise a trading site, we can add banners to our skin pattern guides or if you want to advertise your gambling or case opening site, we can add your site to our guides to this topics.


Your possibilities to advertise:

  • Banners
  • Sliders
  • Videos
  • Place on our List
  • DoFollow Links
  • Basically, everything you want


If you are interested now in advertising on our website, please contact us over steam or over the contact page. If you write us an e-mail, please include everything you need to advertise on our website (e.g. We need to be #1 on the gambling list, a DoFollow Link and a banner), what you want to pay for your advertising and how (We accept Skins, PayPal, Bitcoin and more) and how long you want to advertise on our website (You have to pay at least for a month). If you want to buy advertising on our website for more than a month, we can give a discount (Up to -30% if you pay for a year).

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