Best cheap knives for 2020

In the following article CSGO-Guides will provide you a ranking with the best knives that you can get for 100$ or less. The prices are from 2019 and we are going to mention the prices on steam market and on Bitskins. If you want to buy a knife you should use Bitskins or Lootbear.

Cheap knives ranked


#1 Shadow Daggers | ★ (Vanilla)

Shadow Daggers | ★ (Vanilla) are one of the best cheap options for a knife in 2019. Most people don’t like Shadow Daggers but if you want a nice knife, they are very good because they are cheap. The blade of the Shadow Daggers | ★ (Vanilla) is dark black and looks really nice. You can get the Shadow Daggers for around 115$ in steam or for around 75$ on Bitskins.


#2 Falchion Knife | Crimson Web

The Falchion Knife is a really nice knife if you want to get a good skin and a nice drawing animation. You can only get the Falchion Knife by opening a Falchion Case or by buying it. You can get the Field-Tested version of the Falchion Knife | Crimson Web for around 90$ on Bitskins or for 130$ on the steam market.

#3 Navaja Knife | Ultraviolet

The Navaja Knife is a new knife, so you can only get one by opening a Prisma Case or by buying one. The Navaja Knife has a very nice design and nice animations. You can get the Navaja Knife | Ultraviolet in Minimal Wear for around 75$ on Bitskins or for 120$ on the steam community market.

#4 Gut Knife | Marble Fade

The Gut Knife | Marble Fade is really cheap but has a really good skin for its price. Most people don’t like the Gut Knife because it is really ugly. The good thing about the Gut Knife is that you can get really nice skins on it for a cheap price. You can get the Gut Knife | Marble Fade in FACTORY NEW for only 90$ on Bitskins or for around 130$ on Steam.

#5 Shadow Daggers | Crimson Web

Shadow Daggers | Crimson Web are a bad knife but at least they offer a good skin for a cheap price. The Crimson Web skin is really nice and most CS:GO players love this skin with the dark red look and the black webs on it. You can get this skin in Field-Tested for around 75$ on Bitskins or for 120$ on the steam community market.