CS:GO Jackpot Sites List

Our CS:GO Jackpot guide provides you a good list of jackpot sites + tips, tricks & strategies

CS:GO Jackpot Example – csgohunt.com

This is how Jackpot works: At least two players deposit their skins in a so-called “pot”. Each player gets a ticket for each 0.01$ value they deposited. For example, Player 1 places 10 skins valued at 11.67$ and Player 2 places 5 skins valued at 7.35$. Player 1 gets exactly 1167 tickets and Player 2 exactly 735 tickets. Now the jackpot website picks one ticket and the owner of the winning ticket wins the pot. Winning the pot means that the winner receives all skins that are deposited in the pot minus the fee of 0% – 10% fee that the jackpot site takes.

You can improve your chances by depositing more value into the pot – which allows you to get more tickets which could possibly be drawn by the jackpot website.

But play careful, you can lose all your money. Be responsible and play with money you can afford to lose.

WebsiteDescriptionPotsRatingBonus Code
csgofast.comHuge site with very high jackpotsHigh5 of 52Q6K90
csgohunt.comNice Jackpot Site with mid to high potsHigh5 of 5None
ripskins.netClean site with mid pots, very interesting designMid4 of 5None
skinbet.ioSmall Jackpot Site with focus on Roulette and DiceLow4 of 5r¡qm7ubc
csgo-dope.comJackpot Site with low potsLow3 of 5

CSGO-CaseNice site with many gamesLow to High (Coins)4 of 5KANTONL1337
DrakeWingNice gambling site with four funny gamesLow to High (Coins)3 of 5395656


Of course, you can control pots you want to go into a bit. If you don’t want high pots with values over 500$ – 1000$, I wouldn’t recommend you to go on such websites.

Sniping: A good method to win skins is to wait and to join until 15s – 30s before the pot ends. Take care, sometimes you have to confirm your offer manually on the website or Steam is delayed so it can take some time before your skins are deposited into the pot. It’s a good method if you have expensive skins relative to the value of the pot. It can be very effective because you can expect the value of the pot well and nobody should have the chance to react to your depost directly. Timing is very important – a problem could be that you aren’t fast enough to get into the pot you want and you are the first one in the new pot, which others can use to snipe you with more expensive items. This is called a “fail snipe”.

Baiting: Baiting is a good method to lure snipers out of their corners. It’s a high-risk method and you should do it with two players. The first player deposits some lower value skins in the beginning of the round. Now other players join the pot and in the end, the second player snipes the pot. You can use this to push the pot a bit because most of the players don’t want to deposit first.