Seasons Skin Guide

Blue Leaf? XM1014 | Seasons

The XM1014 Seasons is a skin, with 4 different fade patterns: Autumn Fade, Average Fade, Full Fade and Spectrum Fade. The Spectrum Fade is the rarest one and it has a blue leaf on the left top next to the handguard. Below you can see why the pattern with the blue leaf is so rare. The blue leaf only appears once on the complete texture file of the skin, that’s the reason for a probability of 2% to get one. We suggest you take around 500% of the market price as the price for your blue leaf XM1014 | Seasons. If you want to sell your Spectrum Fade Seasons, we suggest you to use Opskins, Bitskins or Skinbaron.

Texture file:                                                                                                                                   Different Fades: