CS:GO Case Opening Sites

Use these sites to get the skins that you always wanted!

Website Description Bonus Code Games Rating
CSGORoll OLD CS:GO ROLL IS BACK! Get your free case now! CSGOGUIDES Crash, Roulette, Cases 5/5
CSGOEmpire Best Roulette Site, added Coinflip and Match Betting CSGOGuides Roulette, Coinflip, Bets 5/5
Gamdom Cool gambling site with skin and bitcoin withdraw csgorat Crash, Roulette, Jackpot 5/5
DatDrop Very nice Case Opening Site with really good Cases KANTONL Case Opening 4/5
CSGO500 Trusted Gambling Site with CS:GO skin withdraw CSGOGUIDES Roulette, Crash, Betting 5/5
Rollbit Cool new Roulette Site with instant CS:GO skin withdraw! csgorat Roulette 5/5
CSGOPolygon CS:GO Gambling Site with many fun games KANTONL1337 Roulette, Betting, Crash 5/5
Duelbits Really cool new Roulette Site with CS:GO skin store csgoguides Roulette, Dice 4/5
Daddyskins Good looking Case Opening Site with nice cases KANTONL1337 Case Opening 4/5
Farmskins Good Case Opening site with real Skins kantonl1337 Case Opening 4/5
CS2.eu CSGO Gambling Sites list Sites 5/5
Lootbear Cool site if you want to rent some nice skins CSGOGUIDES Marketplace 5/5
Hellcase Decent case opening site KANTONL1337 Case Opening 3/5
Freecash Earn free CS:GO skins by completing tasks and surveys csgoguides Earn CS:GO skins 5/5
CasinoTopp Best Online Casino List Codes 5/5
WTFSkins Nice Crash site with VGO Skins kantonl Crash 4/5
CSGOGambling Free Coins Codes 5/5
Casino Bonus CA Online Casino Bonuses + Casino Guides Included Casino 5/5

What is the best CS:GO Case Opening Site?

Most players think that CSGORoll and DatDrop are the best CSGO Case Opening Sites. However, in the end it is all personal preference and it depends on what you expect from a Case Opening Site. When it comes to having a fair house edge, CSGORoll is probably the best site. If you want to withdraw cryptocurrency, DatDrop is the best choice.


DatDrop is a provably fair CS:GO Case Opening Site. Many users think it is the best Case Opening Site out of all CSGO websites. DatDrop is really transparent, they show odds for the skins that you can get when opening a case and their cases are provably fair. Therefore, players can trust the site and don't have to worry about cases being rigged. Furthermore, DatDrop has great game modes, like Upgrade and Case Battles. However, they call Case Battles "Battle Opening" which are basically regular Case Battles. When it comes to withdrawing, you can withdraw real CS:GO skins instant, using Waxpeer. If you would like to withdraw crypto instead, you can withdraw Ethereum or Litecoin. Over 2.2 million players use DatDrop to unbox skins. Additionally, over 220 million cases have been opened on the site, which makes it the biggest CS:GO Case Opening when it comes to cases opened.


CSGORoll is a great CSGO site with many different games. Two of our favourite games on CSGORoll are Case Opening and Case Battles. They have many different cases, including classics like 10% knife and 50/50. Furthermore, you can put any case that you want in a Case Battle and double your profit. However, if you lose the Case Battle, you lose all your skins, so only play with money that you can afford to lose.


Hellcase was one of the first CS:GO Case Opening Sites out there. Started in 2016, Hellcase quickly reached over 5 million players. Nowadays, Hellcase has over 9 million registered users, who opened over 190 million cases in total. Therefore, Hellcase is arguably the biggest Case Opening Site in CS:GO history. For a very long time, Hellcase was not provably fair, which resulted in many players not trusting the site. Since Monarch, the owner of CSGOEmpire, confronted them about this problem, they added a provably fair system to their site. You can now see the odds for every skin in a case. Hellcase has many different game modes, including Case Battle, Upgrade and Trade-Up Contract. However, their Upgrade and Trade-up Contract game modes are not provably fair.


Farmskins is a big CS:GO Case Opening Site with many active users. Over 80 million skins have been unboxed on Farmskins. Farmskins launched in 2016, when Hellcase and other site were really popular. The big problem with Farmskins is that the site doesn't show case odds and that the site is not provably fair. Therefore, you should be really careful when you play on this website. Many players prefer DatDrop, CSGORoll and DaddySkins, which are all provably fair.


DaddySkins is a relativly new, provably fair CS:GO Case Opening Site. Furthermore, you can choose between many different game modes. You can play Arenas, which is basically Case Battles, Upgrade and of course Case Opening. DaddySkins has over 1.6 million users, over 114 million cases have been opened on the site. Besides many custom cases, like the Knife Case or the Covert Case you can also open real CS:GO Cases on DaddySkins. No matter if you would like to open the Gamma Case or the Spectrum Case, they have them all. Furthermore, you have better chances to get a good skin or a knife when opening the cases on DaddySkins and not in game.

Where can I open CS:GO Cases for free?

You can't open official in-game CS:GO cases for free, for those you always have to buy a key which costs $2.50. However, you can open inofficial CS:GO cases on third-party-websites for free. There are only some trusted sites left that allow you to open a CS:GO case for free and withdraw the skin. Make sure to only use trusted sites, because if any weird websites offers CS:GO skins for free, it will be a scam most of the time. Before you sign in always check if the browser window is a real one (and not just a fake window inside your current browser tab) and only sign-in on steamcommunity.com. Some sites use similar looking domains like steamcomnuity.com to steal your username and password.

Free Cases on CSGO Sites

The two most trusted sites that allow you to open a CS:GO case for free are CSGOEmpire and CSGORoll. CSGORoll even allows you to open three cases. On CSGOEmpire you actually have a really small chance, around 0.005%, to win an AWP | Dragon Lore when opening the free case. However, most of the time you will get a P90 | Ash Wood which is worth basically nothing. You should still try your luck, because the case is 100% free, so why not try to get a free Dragon Lore? On CSGORoll, you also have a really small chance to get a Dragon Lore in one of the three free cases. With 0.0001 chance to get a Dragon Lore, the chance is low, compared to CSGOEmpire, but that's why you are allowed to open three cases for free.

Case Opening Simulator

You can open as many CS:GO cases as you want and all for free, if you use a Case Opening Simulator. However, you don't get any real CS:GO skins when using a Case Opening Simulator. You will have a seperate inventory in the simulator, so you can't use the skins in CS:GO and you can't trade them on Steam. It is basically for fun only, you don't get anything out of it.

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