Case Opening

CS:GO Case Opening Sites List

Use this sites to get the skins that you always wanted!

If you enjoy opening cases on CS:GO Case Opening sites, this sites are the best way to do so. They have a save and fast deposit and withdraw system and you can see the percentage of getting a skin on most of the sites on our list.


WebsiteDescriptionOur caseBonus CodeRating
HolyboostNice Case Opening site with Car ThemeCSGOGuides772175 of 5
FarmskinsCool Case Opening site with many CasesNone 🙁kantonl13374 of 5
HellcaseBiggest Case Opening sites with nice CasesNone 🙁KANTONL13374 of 5
SkinhubCool and big Case Opening site with many featuresCSGO-Guides Casekanton4 of 5
CSGO KingdomCase Opening site owned by McSkilletCSGO-GuidesKANTONL13373 of 5



If you want to open cases on CS:GO Case Opening sites, we suggest you to open our cases or to make your own case, based on one of our strategies to get profit or to get nice skins:


The “High risk, high Profit” Case

Create a Case, where you have 10-30% Chance of getting a huge profit. The other skin in your Case should only be worth 0,05$ or less. The skin where you get profit should be between 5 and 500$, depending on how much you want to spend. Open the case until you’re in profit and then STOP. It’s important that you stop gambling when you’ve made profit. If you don’t stop you will loose everything again.


The “Nice Skin for sure” Case

This is the best way if you want to have a random nice looking inventory and some gambling fun: Just create a case and put in every skin that you like in your price range. Make sure that you don’t loose too much on opening the case, for example if the case costs 2$, your skins should be valued between 1,50$ and 2,50$.


The “50/50” Case

Create a case that has 50% chance for profit and 50% chance that you loose some money. Open it until you are in profit and then stop gambling!