CS:GO Roulette Sites List

Best Roulette List for CS:GO

If you enjoy playing roulette, this websites will be the best websites for you! They have a working withdraw system and you can deposit your skins fast and easy. If you don’t want to play with your own money/skins, feel free to use our Bonus Codes to get free Coins.

WebsiteDescriptionBonus CodeGamesRating
CSGO FastBig site with free Coins, fast withdraw and many players2Q6K90Roulette, Jackpot, Crash5 of 5
GreenhuntNice Roulette only site with many players60683Roulette5 of 5
CSGO-CaseHuge site with every game you could wish forKANTONL1337Roulette, Dice, Crash, Other4 of 5
CSGO FairplayNice Roulette/Jackpot site, fast withdrawKANTONL1337Roulette, Jackpot4 of 5
CSGO RollBiggest CS:GO Gambling site at the momentKANTONL1337Roulette, Dice, Crash, Other3 of 5

CSGO EmpireCool looking Roulette site with big withdraw sectionkantonl1337Roulette, Slots4 of 5
CSGO ExclusiveFunny site with special roulette systemKANTONL1337Roulette4 of 5
DrakeWingNice gambling site with four cool games395656Roulette, Slots, Crash, Jackpot3 of 5


If you want to get some nice profit for sure, you should use the Martingale method. It basically works like this: You bet an amount of coins, for example 5 on Red. If you loose you bet twice as much, which means 10 coins in our example, on Red or Black. If you win now you will get 20 coins, which makes an overall profit of 5, which was your first bet. Using the Martingale method will always result in getting your first bet as profit. If you want to win higher amounts of money, just multiply your first bet by 3 or 4 if you lose. This method is very risky, so we suggest you to only bet small amounts of money. You should bet an amount of coins that you afford to lose multiple times. For example if you have 100 coins, you can bet 5, 10, 20, 40 and then you don’t have enough money left to double up again. So you should really bet low amounts of money as your first bet.