Aim Training Guide

Improve your aim in CS:GO

How to improve your aim

There are several ways of training your aim but it is necessary to invest a lot of time. Training on regular basis is way better than grinding aim training for 4 hours straight. Also, the quality of training is also very important because it is also possible to ruin your aim with bad habits.

You can practice your aim in lots of different ways but not all are the same efficient for everyone.

Aim Trainer

There are many ways to practice your aim in CS2. My personal favourite is Yprac’s Aim Trainer because it’s a brand new CSGO workshop map with lots of different games & features. You can shoot dots in any way and practice your aim perfectly. There are many different aiming tasks to do with detailed stats. Highly recommended

Deathmatch / HS-Deathmatch

A simple way to practice gunfights is to hop on a deathmatch server and try to get as many kills as possible. Important: Focus on clean kills, aim for the lower head and try to spray down enemys within the first 4-5 bullets. I would recommend you to play rifles like AK-47/M4A4/M4A1-S – if you want you can also practice your AWP skills. I would NOT recommend you to play on Valve’s official servers because these are “Team Deathmatch” so you can only kill players from the other team. Search for community servers with FFA, so you can shoot on everyone you see. Also a good practice is to play on headshot-only server. After some time, this will get you sharp aim.

AimBotz / CSGOHub / Bot Arena

Another popular way is to train your aim by shooting bots on maps like AimBotz, etc. I prefer AimBotz because you can enable “Uneven Ground” which is highly recommended to also train your vertical aiming, not only switching targets left & right. CSGOHub has more features, like different modes, Bhop, Kz, Crosshair placement, etc. (also a very good map, even better but without even ground). There are many different ways in training on AimBotz, but you should always focus on precision and clean kills, just randomly killing and spraying on bots does not improve your aim, it makes it even worse. There are lots of possible settings on these maps and we can’t explain everything so I’ll give you a few tips of how to do but I’ll link you a good video which explains a very good way on how to proceed on AimBotz. AGAIN: Start slow, focus on clean aim, speed will come automatically.

Aim Lab / Kovaak’s

There are different games that are dedicated to improve your aim like (FREE) and (9.99€). You can start free on Aim Lab but to be honest I don’t think it is necessary to train aim outside of CS:GO even though both programs have nice features. If you want a nice video of which Aimlab scenarios are good to improve at CS:GO, here you are:

Good Daily Routine

If you really want to improve you need to invest time and do your daily aim training. 2-3 times a day 15-30 minutes are enough to keep your muscle memory fresh.


Good aim is very important in CS:GO and you need to master many different skills to get into the higher ranks. Watch videos and learn how to practice your aim. But in the end, you need to practice and invest time – every day. If you don’t train on a regular basis, you probably won’t see your best results. Keep in mind that Crosshair Placement is like a shortcut for aim/kills because you are directly on the enemy’s model. Another tip: Don’t queue instant after your aim training. Of course, warmup is very important and you should always do 10-20min warmup before you start a match. You also should take a pause after aim training because your muscle memory needs some time to learn and you probably would destroy your “good” aim with playing a match instantly after.

Summary: Here are the best CS:GO Workshop maps for Aim Training to check out:

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