CS:GO Grenades Guides

We show you how to use Flashbangs, Smoke Grenades, HEs and Molotovs.

50 Best Smokes on ALL COMPETITIVE maps

Smokes are essential in CS:GO and most people underrate it. But smoking important spots can get you an advantage which helps you to win a round. NadeKing is a CS:GO YouTuber who created videos with 50 smokes on all important maps like de_inferno, de_mirage, etc.

Find out new smokes and enjoy his videos! Here you can find his playlist:


If you need to defend the bomb as a terrorist, a molotov can be helpful. Some good after-plant-molotovs can be found on YouTube or you can just find some yourself. Our guide will help you how to find helpful molotovs: A good after-plant-molotov is thrown from somewhere, where the CTs have no chance to kill you while throwing it. Your molotov should bounce of a wall or fly over something before landing right on the bomb. You can throw a nice after-plant-molotov by jump-throwing or run-throwing on nearly every bombsite on every map. Go find some nice molotovs for yourself or check out this video:

Bombsite Smokes

If you want to take a bombsite as a terrorist or you want to defend the bombsite as a counter-terrorist, you should know some useful smokes. A good smoke is always blocking the vision of your enemy without bringing any disadvantages to you or your teammates. Because of that, you should only throw smokes if you know how to throw them. Your smoke shouldn’t bring any advantage to your enemy. Just find some smokes by playing “Offline with bots” and testing out smokes or by watching some videos on YouTube.


Pop-Flashes are a simple way to blind your enemies. You can throw them for yourself or for your teammates. The best thing about Pop-Flashes is, that your enemy has no chance of looking away from the flash because the flashbang is in an unusal spot or just to fast for your enemy. Pop-Flashes are more powerful than normal-thrown Flashbangs, because you have a higher chance of blinding your enemy. You can learn so-called “Self-Pop-Flashes” by trying out for yourself or by watching some helpful videos on YouTube.


There are some very useful HE-Grenades on every map, for example A-Long doors on Dust2 is a spot, where the Terrorists might push, so as a CT you should throw a HE-Grenade into doors at the beginning of a round. Just don’t do this every round, your grenade should be a surprise for your enemys. At the beginning of the round, you can also throw a grenade towards upper mid on Inferno as a terrorist, because CTs might be peaking there. There are more useful HE-Grenades that you can throw on every map, to learn most of them you have to try out yourself in matchmaking or you can watch some videos on YouTube.

Sadly we couldn’t find a good example video on YouTube, so here are our Top 10 HE-Grenades on official maps (Thrown as T or CT in brackets):

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