Case Hardened Guide

In this guide, we show you nice CS:GO Case Hardened Patterns

The Case Hardened Pattern was introduced to CS:GO with the Arms Deal Update and so it is one of the oldest skins in the game. The Skin is available for the AK-47, the FiveSeven and every Knife in CS:GO. The pattern is variable like no other skin and that's the reason why it has probably the biggest range of trading value.


Basically, there are four different colors that are possible in the Case Hardened Pattern: Blue, Purple, Gold and Silver. On this image below you can see the whole spectrum of the Case Hardened Skin:

CS:GO Case Hardened

Here you can see that there is a big possibility to get a Pattern on your weapon that has much Gold and Silver on it (and only a little bit of Blue). But there are many other combinations that look much better, for example a Pattern with much Blue or a Pattern that is completely Gold. These Patterns can be much more worth than one of the standard patterns.

The rarest and also most wanted patterns have a very big percentage of blue. Important for the value of these items is the percentage of blue on the playside you can see in-game. A standard amount of blue is about 5-10%. The value of these items is about market price. Also very common pattern has 10-15% blue on it. For these items, you can add about 5% to the market price. Quite uncommon patterns have even 15-30% blue on it. The value of these patterns is something like 10% over market price. The very rare patterns have 30-50% blue on it. It is very difficult to assess the value of these items, but they can be worth up to 350% of market price. The higher the percentage of blue, the more is the pattern worth. If there is even more blue on the pattern, in fact, it is impossible to value the items. They are extremely rare and so there are some collectors that are willing to spend very high amounts to get these items.


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Here you can see some nice patterns with a big percentage of blue:

CS:GO Case Hardened AK-47

Example of a Blue Gem AK-47

CS:GO Case Hardened AK

This AK-47 has a full-blue magazine

CS:GO Case Hardened Five-Seven

Example of a Blue Gem FiveSeven

The second rarest pattern is a comletely gold pattern. It is very improbable to get an AK or a knife that is completely gold. The problem with these items is that many people don’t like this pattern because it doesn’t look as good as a Blue Gem. Maybe some others are collecting these items and are willing to pay much for it. So it is also very difficult to value this pattern.

Here are examples of gold pattern skins:

CS:GO Case Hardened Gold Gem

This is a nice example of the Gold Pattern on the AK

CS:GO Case Hardened Gold

The Gold Pattern on the FiveSeven











The other patterns that might look nice are the Blaze pattern. Sometimes they are called also Rainbow or Galaxy pattern. This is a pattern with a big percentage of purple, marbled with big parts of blue and a gold background. That pattern is very variable and so the amount of purple and blue can be different. So there is also a big price range for this pattern, depending on the collector and his preferences.

These are some nice Rainbow patterns:

Blaze pattern on the FiveSeven

Typical Blaze or Rainbow pattern










All other possible patterns of Case Hardened items are worth more or less market price. It’s depending on the individual preferences and so very standard patterns that are completely silver can be worth a little bit less than market price and some common pattern with a bigger percentage of blue, purple or gold can be worth more than market price.


CS:GO Case Hardened Full

Here you can see a quite common pattern for the AK-47 Case Hardened that are worth about market price

Below you can see the most admired Case Hardened Knives:

CS:GO Case Hardened Knife

The M9-Bayonet “OCEANO”

CS:GO Case Hardened Karambit

The Karambit Blue Gem (“Hiko Pattern”)











You are reading a guide about Case Hardened and its different patterns, for example the Blue Gem pattern.