We will show you how to get the perfect movement in around 50 hours of practice!

If you want to get better in CS:GO, you need aim practice, you need crosshair placement, you need to throw grenades, but you also need to improve your movement.

We will show you a fast guide on how to get a good movement.

Step 1: You should practice jumps and strafejumps on community maps. Here is one that you could use:


You can also try out one of my maps:

Jump and Run for Guns

Endless Tower


Step 2: You should improve your movement in competitive mode.

Just try to do some nice jumps on official maps. If you play AWP, strafejumps can be very useful and help you alot. For peaking, movement can be very useful: You should peak and after hitting or missing your shot you should switch to your knife and change position.