CS:GO Movement Guide

Improve your movement in CS:GO

CS:GO Movement

In CS:GO, each aspect of the game is important. You should practice different movement skills to get a good feeling of what you can do. Most people think that aim is everything in CS:GO but that’s not true. You don’t need insane flicks in most situations because if you have good crosshair placement you’ll place your crosshair near enemys anyway. The way you peek an angle is very important because you want to use the peeker’s advantage to kill the enemy (mostly on T-side) before the enemy can react.

There are many different aspects of “movement” so I want to explain them.

Basic Peeking

You never want to peek an enemy when pressing “W” because you can’t shoot accurate when running especially when playing weapons like the AK-47. In general, you want to peek a position to the left/right and then instantly stop your moving by pressing the opposite key to shot accurate. Also, you don’t want to run into an enemy because he can easily kill you, you want to avoid the enemy’s crosshair as much as possible. That’s why you shouldn’t just crouch when spraying, try to move left and right (with velocity resets) to never give your opponents an easy shot.

Crouch Peeking

A good way to avoid the enemy’s crosshair is to crouch in the moment when you peek a corner because it’s not that easy to give you a headshot when your head is also moving vertically and not only horizontal from enemy’s point of view. Only crouch peek if you peek from left to right because if you crouch, your model’s head is slightly more on the left site so if you peek from right to left, your head will be way more visible.

Shoulder Peeking

You can bait an AWPers shot if you only show your arm/your shoulder at a corner. Watch this video if you want to know how to shoulder peek properly:

Bunnyhop / Strafejump / Longjump / KZ / Surf

In CS:GO it is very common to not only press “W” and jump because that’s not the best way to jump a long distance. If you release “W” immediately after jumping and then move your move to left & right while pressing “A” & “D” in a specific way, you can jump further than just jumping forward.

There are many community maps where you can play bunnyhop (instant jumping after landing).

Also jumping as far as it goes is like a discipline in CS:GO and people practice many hours to improve their longjumps.

KZ maps are also designed to improve vanilla movement with different jumps to master a parcour.

Also, there is a gamemode called “Surf” where you can gain insane speed and slide around a map really fast. Just check it out!

You can search for bhop/kz maps by simply typing “bhop” / “kz” / “surf” in the map filter in the CS:GO community browser.

Practice default jumps

There are many different jumps you need to learn to get an advantage over your enemy’s. The best map is the Mirage window where you either can to ladder room or directly to short so you can rotate way faster in case of a B plant. The best way to master CS:GO’s default jumps is THIS workshop map. (You can also practice some KZ/longjumps there.

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